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I strongly believe in the power of video as a communication vehicle. I believe that the use of visual communications by companies, government and organizations can have a big impact on employee and citizen engagement, strengthen customer and partner loyalty, and enhance the user experience.

Therefore I love to create digital content that makes people feel better about themselves, about the things they do, the places they live in and about the organizations they work for or buy products and services from.

As a freelancer I am available to think with you and to create the right digital content for you. Be it in the form of a video clip, a video animation, an audio fragment, a picture or a text. Just like the banjo's fifth string gives the instrument its unique sound, I will give your digital content a unique look. Let's get in touch !

Passionate about visual communications
Show, don't tell

Videos can definitely help to increase employee engagement. I love to contribute that objective. Like I love to contribute to increase customer and partner loyalty towards your brand.

Creative digital content
See something you've never seen before

Every video production is unique, authentic, creative and must contribute to a better user experience. I won't settle for less !

Video is the new standard
Institutionalize video production capabilities

Most companies produce one or two videos per year or use existing video footage inefficiently. Having access to quick and affordable video production and post-production capabilities is a key to success.

I love what I am doing
Raise the bar on every assignment

Obviously, that results in something that is fun to watch (and fun to make).

Animation Reel

"Motion Graphics Design" is the art of bringing graphic design & type to life through animation.

This Animation Reel shows you a glimpse of what I have been working on in terms of MoGraph and Type animations.

Video & Post Reel

Creative Video Productions for companies, organizations, craftsmen and more.

Have a look at my video productions and post-production work that I have done in last year.

Great content for
Social Media, Digital Signage and Websites

The Social Media channels, the Digital Signage platform and the websites you run need compelling content for the targeted audience. I can help you to build that content. Be it in the form of video, animation, GIF's, audio or pictures, on new or existing footage. Let's get in touch to see how I can help you today ?

Creative Videos

Social Media

Your social channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,... need to talk the language that your viewer expect. Video is often a required to attrack and keep your viewers interest.

Digital Signage

Spread the word about your products and services, without saying a word. Your videos on a digital signage or narrow-casting platform do this on a 24x7 basis, soundless.


Type animation

Making language visible. Static letters enter the wonderful world of Motion Design from the moment they become animated. Have your story told in a very attractive way.

Motion graphics

Via clear Infographics animations, even the dullest figures can be brought to life. Dynamic pie-charts, bar charts, fact-listing, countdowns, ... It all moves a moving way.


Existing footage. New clip.

Small video editing jobs can have a huge impact. Think about sub-titling, video extracts for presentations, QR code integration, template based video productions,...

Special effects

Sometimes special effects are needed to be applied on existing footage. In post-production this can be efficiently done.

For the Creative Video productions, I apply the solo-reportership principle. This means that only one person is responsible to direct, film, edit and publish the video. It limits the number of video formats that I can produce, but it enables to create great videos in a quick and affordable way. Supported formats include interviews, management communications, project / customer testimonials, meeting captures, event reporting,..

Human beings are visual animals.
Everyone listens with their eyes.


You shouldn’t dream your film,
you should
make it.


Make sure your Vision is visible.
That's why it's called a Vision.



Moodboards are a great support to tell your story on social media. They are a perfect match ! A post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that is accompanied with a video or an animation attracts more viewers, is more liked and is shared more often.

Moodboards are 10 to 15 seconds video clips and they are designed to draw attention. They are a fun-to-watch combination of text, video/graphics artwork/photo's and animation. A moodboard grabs the viewer's attention from the very first second, illustrates the message in a visual way, and ends by a call-to-action or closing message.

Moodboards trigger the converstation, engage with your audience and share information. They are ideal for (local) governments, companies and organizations that want to strenghen their connections and dialogues with citizens, customers, employees or partners.


You want have some awesome moodboards for your social channels ? That's possible !

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